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Éva Marton: Power of volunteering - How to make a company a unique and attractive employer through a voluntary initiative

Europe Travel Operations Manager, Leader of GE Working Parents Program


11:35 - 12:05

About the talk:

Introducing GE Working Parents Program, a unique social innovation from Hungary to the World. The presentation will walk through the story of GE Working Parents Program which was born in 2012 as a volunteer initiative and now reached every success in Hungary. The program is the most gender balanced program and its global adoption is ongoing. Also will be shared the best practices and some inspiring projects of the program with a manual how to implement the same in your company.

About Éva:

Éva has been working for GE for 15 years. She graduated from Janus Pannonius University with a bachelor degree in Education, in Finance, and she also holds an MBA degree from JPTE/Middlesex University. She is fluent in English, Italian and Hungarian. In her professional career she had several lead positions in operational fields in GE Lighting, GE Energy and GE Global Operations. Currently she is the Europe Travel Operation Manager for GE, managing the reservation and expense operations for 55K employees in 24+ countries in Europe. Eva joined GE’s Women’s Network organization in 2001, lead a sub hub of it between 2012-2014 and launched the GE Working Parents Program in 2012. She is a voluntary leader of the program and with her volunteer team she is working on the global adoption in GE.The Working Parents Program has become a huge success thanks to the efforts of the volunteer leadership team, and was awarded the prestigious “Family-Friendly Employer of the Year, 2014” and the “Special Award for Sharing Best Practices - 2015”, which was presented by the Hungarian government for efforts made to share and extend best practices as a family-friendly employer. Besides several awards Eva received the Role Model Award in 2016 acknowledging her dedication on family-friendly workplace programs and best practice sharing in Hungary and globally.
Éva is married, a wife of a loving husband and mother of two fairies.

About GE

GE, the world’s most competitive digital industrial company celebrated its 25th anniversary in Hungary in 2014. The country and GE have created a partnership that – has helped to reshape Hungary’s industrial and economic landscape, which also impacted on the wider CEE region.
From gas turbines and ultrafibre water purification technology to LEDs and healthcare industrial internet software, the output of GE’s 12 manufacturing plants, 3 regional business headquarters, 5 technology centers and the Global Operations Center, Budapest make both GE and Hungary a stronger competitor in the global race since 1989.
Currently GE has more than 10,000 employees in Hungary; out of them 9,000 are working in the industrial businesses and an additional 1,400+ employees in GE’s Global Operations Center, Budapest. Diversity for GE is today one of the company’s prime goals, going far beyond the concept of an equal opportunity employer. Since 1936, GE has been involved in an inclusive work culture through the launch of its Statement of Fair Employment. In a meritocratic company present in more than 170 countries career is solely based on performance and can be both local and global.

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