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Holly Fawcett: Diversity Tactics That Work - Actionable Ways to Improve Diversity in Your Organisation

Curriculum Development Director

Social Talent


About the talk:

Trying to improve our company's diversity and representation is a huge challenge for all of our businesses, with women typically only making up less than 30% of our workforces and even less in leadership positions. So how do we move the needle in the right direction? In this presentation, Holly will present surprising statistics and experiments that really work, as well as challenging your perceptions of activities that you didn't realise do more harm than good.

About Holly:

As the 2nd employee at Social Talent, Holly leads the Training Ninjas who have trained over 15,000 recruiters. A regular conference speaker and trainer, she will be instantly recognisable in a green t-shirt and will charm you all with her Irish accent.

"Diversity, to me, means different ideas and perspectives coming together to innovate, approaching a challenge in a different way. It doesn't have to be gender, age or race - our goal is diversity of thought. That is the true purpose of diversifying our businesses and making them more resilient to face new challenges head on.​"

About Social Talent:

Social Talent's mission is to drive recruiter productivity. In one platform, we provide Learning, Recruiting Tools and Performance Analytics meaning more hires, faster and with higher quality. Our flagship learning programs include the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment; Diversity & Inclusion; and Predicting Success: Interviewer & Hiring Manager training. Visit

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